Hand-woven basket with lid (white, black and green)


basket with lid White,Black and Green

Hand-woven basket with lid (white, black and green)


Multi coloured hand-woven basket by members of Green Co-Operative from Kigali, Rwanda.

People of East Africa been weaving baskets of various size and shape for centuries. Abundant Elephant Grass which is native to the African grasslands and form fibre of Raffia Palm which is also native to the tropical regions of Africa such as Uganda, Rwanda especially Madagascar.

To make the baskets Elephant grass is dried and turned into thin straw. These straws are coiled and colourful Raffia fibre is used to shape the coil into basket.

These baskets are internationally renowned for their quality, durability and utility. Fruit and Vegetable dyes are used in their colouring. Each basket has its own unique pattern and colour.

These baskets has a loop at the back for easy wall hanging if you wish to create unique wall art.

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Raffia and Elephant grass baskets are handwoven. Size and appearance may vary a little.

Approximate dimension: 22cm across and 20cm in height. Price includes delivery and GST. Free 7 days return.

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Dimensions 22 x 20 cm


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